Alexander Georgiev

Hello and welcome to my website. My friends call me Alex. I am a front-end developer much to the horror of my accountancy diploma.

In fact, due to my adoration for computers from a very early age, it was quite logical a step to get into programming. My avid gaming experience further helped for my entry into the world of coding. But before delving deeper into that, let me share several peculiar facts about me.

I hail from the country of Bulgaria. In high school, English and German, as well as economics, kept me busy. I am an avid traveler and my first trip abroad was to Malta for a youth exchange program.

After I graduated high school in the gorgeous town of Pleven, I left to pursue a degree in PR & Communications in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Although I did not complete my bachelor’s degree, it really enriched my linguistic, organizational, and communication skills.

A year later, I returned to Bulgaria and started a bachelor’s in accountancy. I continued traveling in the meantime, which led me to the United States three times – in the summers of 2012, 2013, and 2014. The work and travel programs shaped me a lot and greatly expanded my horizon.

Fast forward a couple of years, I obtained a degree in accountancy and a few internships in the field. The numbers didn’t quite excite me. Not as much as code, that is.

This resulted in my full devotion to the exuberant world of design and front-end development. My core principles revolve around elegance and simplicity and I always stick to them when crafting your website. Honesty and openness are things I highly value and I have trust in the power of mutual cooperation.

Besides my 9-5 job and working for clients on a freelance basis, I also possess startup experience as I used to be a part of an interesting project. I love challenging and thought-provoking tasks and I strictly adhere to deadlines.

Let’s give your website the irresistible look it merits.